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Yet Another House With Something To Hide (Million $ Edition)

Though maligned and avoided at all costs by some, we appreciate the ranch house. There's something comfortably casual in the horizontal orientation, and single floor living has many advantages. Such feelings compelled us to investigate this lovely white specimen in Sherwood Forest on an appealingly flat and large plot of green. But for the third time in 5 or 6 days, it appears we have found a seller with something to hide. Look, digital photos are cheap. Like free. And the process of uploading them to an online listing is definitely an economies-of-scale deal, as in, if you (or better yet, your realtor) are going to upload 5 photos, why not 15? It's roughly the same amount of work. So you can likely understand our suspicion when this listing- with broker babble proclaiming (in all caps, mind you), "NEWLY RENOVATED KITCHEN, BATHS AND TOTALLY NEW LOWER LEVEL WITH SEPARATE FAMILY ROOM AND FIREPLACE" and " 5 BEDROOMS PLUS A SEPARATE SPACE FOR A HOME OFFICE"- chose to feature only a few photos of the home's interior, and exactly none of this alleged kitchen or the 5 bedrooms. So we have no way of knowing whether the $995,000 asking price is even remotely reasonable. We swear we don't set out with a goal of finding listings with something to hide...they just keep finding us. But we remain ever vigilant.

· 1688 Nottingham Way NE [Atlanta Fine Homes]