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From What We Can See, This Classic Va-Hi Craftsman Is Immaculate, a Deal

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What if you were told that there was a classic 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Virginia Highland craftsman on St. Charles available for sale. And that this particular home had been completely renovated, with additions of modernity like granite counters and a Viking gas range, but that original details like the gorgeous period woodwork were left intact. In total, you were informed, there is 2100 square feet of living space, with a deck in back and lots of shady trees. You'd be interested, yes? Now what if you were told it was listed for $450,000? We ran ourselves through this scenario, and our conclusion was that a) we should make an offer this instant, or b) there's something (negative) this listing is leaving out. Can anyone help us with the answer?

· 752 Saint Charles Avenue NE []