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Food Trucks + Farmers Market = A Festival of Eating on Howell Mill 7 Days a Week

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[Renderings of the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market, images courtesy of AFTP via Facebook.]

The popularity of food trucks and farmer's markets have reached critical mass, and Atlanta now has an organized, dedicated "destination" for all things (non-bricks and mortar) food in The Atlanta Food Truck Park. Of course there already was a dedicated place for food trucks on Howell Mill near the intersection with Collier Road that operated last summer under the name the "Howell Mill Food Park." But that operation has now merged with TAFTP, operating on the site of a demolished hotel with additional infrastructure and inclusion of space for farmer's market vendors and entertainment. Though the location has built-in constituencies in neighborhood residents, Georgia Tech students and a small pool of local office workers, we're not quite sure how it will support a 7-days per week operation. Either way, it's a great addition to the city. Now they just need to sell booze there.

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