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Can Mass Transit And Herschel Walker Help Get the Gwinnett Video Casino Built?

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You've got to hand it to developer Dan O'Leary for his latest gambit(s) in trying to build a massive "video gaming complex" in Gwinnett County- offering 9 of the 122 acres of the land he has an option to purchase at I-85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard for a transit station that could connect to MARTA. The move seems at once stupid and genius. Stupid because his primary constituency- old, white people living in Georgia- are generally known to have an aversion to anything related to MARTA. Genius because it would probably attract younger, in-town crowds looking to party but not interested in getting a DUI driving back from Gwinnett County. The transit scheme was the second interesting announcement in as many weeks in relation to O'Leary's uphill quest to build a lottery-affiliated video casino (Governor Deal has come out against any additional legalized gambling in the state). Last week the everlasting pride of the Georgia Bulldogs Herschel Walker announced his intention to open a sports bar and restaurant at the gaming complex if it comes together.

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