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Pine Hills Custom Mansion Is An Orgy of Woodwork

Once in a while, we actually find broker babble to be somewhat understated. Such is the case with this listing's verbiage on the "architectural detail & millwork" to be found in this 5200 square foot house in Dekalb County's Pine Hills neighborhood. If you are a fan of arches, coffered ceilings and crown molding, definitely click through the gallery on this house, because there is a gracious plenty. The place is a sanctuary to wood in general; the floors also stand out with a hue that is at once slightly pale and rich-looking...a nice departure from the dark stains that have become de rigueur in upscale housing these days. The basics: 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, almost a 1/2 acre lot, 3 fireplaces, 3 car garage. $1,250,000.

· 1196 Goodwin Road NE [Harry Norman]