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How Long Until Atlanta's Urbanism Goes Guerrilla?

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The money required for addressing Atlanta’s transportation woes is usually discussed in terms of billions of dollars, but here’s an idea generated out of Raleigh that would probably cost a few less zeroes: signs on telephone poles. Walk (Your City) was the master’s project of UNC Chapel Hill student Matt Tomasulo, and he created the concept as part of the larger discussion going on now in urban planning circles that’s focused on healthier communities through walking. The execution is sweet and simple. Bright colored-coded signs point the direction of destinations with the approximate time it takes to hoof it on foot; the sole sophisticated aspect is the QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone for detailed directions. In fact, the 27 Raleigh examples looked so spiffy that city officials initially assumed they were legitimately placed. After an initial clash, Tomaluso’s idea was embraced by his hometown, and now he’s created a website that encourages the replication of barebones wayfinding in other cities. So now its our turn, Atlanta. Sure, we recognize that there’s already a smattering of bona fide guideposts set up for the same purpose around town, but would it hurt to supplement them? Besides, hipsters need a fresh pastime now that yarn bombing is passé.

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