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Gut Check Time for the City of Atlanta's (Privately-Managed) Public Golf Courses

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A Candler Park reader's tip put the City's review of its golf course assets on our radar a couple of months ago, and echoed others' concerns that Candler Park's course (built on land donated by Coca Cola heir Asa G. Candler Jr.) might be closed. While the City's parks & rec commissioner denies any imminent plans to close Candler, he does confirm that Atlanta is taking a hard look at the finances of all of its golf courses and other recreational / cultural assets like the Atlanta Civic Center and the Cyclorama in Grant Park. A California-based golf course management company called American Golf Corporation operates the City of Atlanta's golf courses via leases that run through 2016. Generally speaking, Chastain Park's heavily-played 18 hole course helps keep the city's money-losing courses (like Candler) above water. But American Golf's losses are subsidized by the City, so there's no real incentive for them to push individual courses to improve their finances. Other localities have experienced similar challenges and found that investing in upgrades increases use. But money to upgrade golf courses could be understandably difficult to find these days.

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