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Dunwoody Lakefront is Prettier on the Outside

Aside from the occasional sensational murder trial, Dunwoody is a rather idyllic proto-Atlanta-suburb. Though parts are somewhat hemmed-in by the traffic endemic to their north side location, great schools and strong family communities are an adequate trade-off. This attractive home sits on some 3 acres on a small lake in the triangle between Dunwoody Village, the Dunwoody Country Club and Mt. Vernon Road, and looking at it from the outside, we had high hopes. But a photo tour of the interior left us a bit underwhelmed. For a 5 bed, 3 bath home of (unlisted) but assumably ample square footage, there was a cramped feel to most of the spaces (save for the light-filled great room). Nonetheless, we were surprised to see that the home had been for sale for 2 years. Further investigation revealed the potential cause (and the origins of the gaudy lot size)- the house sits under and adjacent to power lines. We'd guess they may have a hard time getting $749,900.

· 1555 Dunwoody Club Crossing [Coldwell Banker]