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Buckhead Apartment Construction In Bloom

The always hawk-eyed BuckheadView blog gave a great update yesterday on the status of three apartment projects underway near the Village. Construction has started on a nine-story rental building adjacent to the St. Regis at 92 West Paces Ferry, with occupancy expected early next year. No renderings exist yet, but expect something classy with a fountain out front. Within frat boy stumbling distance of that site the redevelopment of the old Paces Apartments at 77 E. Andrews Drive has commenced. The first order of business is demolition and construction on the interior of the tract, with future phases to include retail and townhomes. Lastly, the Village at Buckhead apartments (235 Pharr Road) are taking shape fast enough for possible move-ins this fall. Assuming that Buckhead Atlanta's progress continues unabated and denser housing continues to fill in the gaps, Buckhead's historic core could stage a killer comeback. Just expect less tequila vomit this time around. [Buckhead View]