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Good News: Your Paris Flight Seatmate Will Have The Varsity As a Pre-Flight Dining Option

If you read your A.M. Linkage this morning, you already know, but amid all of the excitement about the opening of the new Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal, it has been announced that some of the retail and dining options will not be ready in time for the opening on May 16. Among the most visible stragglers: the terminal's fine dining anchor- an outpost of the Fifth Group's Ecco. Shaun Doty's Yeah! Burger is also missing out on the opening, to be replaced by The Varsity. (We're doing our best to resist puerile humor here, but seriously, people are going to eat The Varsity before jumping on a 10 hour international flight?) Folks that have been perusing the master list of new stores over the past months may also be disappointed to learn that several high-profile retail options were never even slated to open with the terminal, and will actually be a part of the rolling opening of Concourse E over the next year and a half. Among those for which you'll have to wait: Spanx, The New York Times News / Goldberg’s Deli and Swarovski. What?!?? No $960 crystal panthers to be had when we alight on our early summer vacation? Forget it. We're not going.

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