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Living Quite Large in Grant Park in the Mid-$500's

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Yesterday's trip to Peachtree Hills in Buckhead demonstrated what (an ask price) of $550,000 or so will get you up on the north side of town (deckzebo!). Today let us compare what that same ballpark price will get you on down on the southeast side. While few would argue that Grant Park is as safe or gentrified as Buckhead, there are a whole lot of people that would argue its grit is more than made up for by its soul. This 5 bedroom, 4 bath circa 1999 offers all of the comforts of a spacious luxury home just a block from Grant Park and a short stroll to the neighborhood's drinking and dining emporia. Ask price is $560,500 for almost 4,000 square feet, with most every bell and whistle the modern home buyer desires already in place. We ask you the reader to predict: who will get closer to their ask price, Peachtree Hills or Grant Park?

· 513 Oakland Avenue SE [Estately]