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The Alternative Beauty of Urban Decay

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Burnaway's Dodge and Burn series frequently finds beauty in unexpected places, as evidenced by these nighttime images of Moreland Avenue on the south side. While Moreland enjoys life and vibrance as it travels through Little Five Points, once one crosses I-20, it becomes a sparsely populated "urban wasteland" (as the author/photographer aptly puts it). There are occasional points of interest, like Atlanta's retro treasure The Starlight Six Drive-In and the perhaps the finest honky tonk / trucker bar / hipster music venue in town, the Southern Comfort Bar (it was an awfully fun place to see the Black Lips, anyway). The photographs achieve a kind otherworldly quality in their patient appraisal of Moreland's stark reality in nighttime, allowing the woebegone street to transcend its grittiness, even if just for a moment.

· Dodge & Burn: Moreland Avenue [BURNAWAY]