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Proximity to Piedmont Park Part I: A Historic Abode For Mortals

In honor of one our favorite Atlanta traditions in one of our favorite Atlanta locations- this weekend's Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park- for the next two days, On the Market will feature opportunities for you to own a home roughly within spitting distance of the festivities. Today we look at a domicile solidly in the entry-level category- a 1 bedroom condominium in the newer phase of Wilburn House. Wilburn House is named for Leila Ross Wilburn, Atlanta's first female architect and the designer of the original 1913 apartment building (formerly known as the Piedmont Park Apartments) that anchors the complex as it stands today. Though this unit is rather compact at 858 square feet, its historical exterior belies traditional but modern interiors that look quite comfortable. And what the home lacks in space seems to be more than made up for by the expansive common areas and amenities...assuming you want to hang out with your neighbors, it looks like a kick-back, BBQ and party kind of place. Asking $220,000 for a 1 BR in Midtown is pretty bold given the range of 2/2's available in the same price range. But if it really is all about location, location, location and you prefer brick to glass curtain, this place certainly makes a case for itself.

· 273 12th Street #315 [Duffy Realty]