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ATL Housing: The LONG View is Positive

While the state of the housing market affects everyone, Atlanta home builders have a particularly vested interest. So the audience was no doubt rapt when economist Mike Carnathan of the Atlanta Regional Commission addressed the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Builder/Developer/Lender Council meeting. Carnathan had ostensibly good news: it looks as if the housing market is on track to recover. And in spite of our woes, population growth in Georgia remains pretty robust. It's just going to take until 2015 for housing "to get back on its feet." And until 2025 to be "healthy." No big revelations on the root cause of the recovery's pace, just the usual claptrap on foreclosures. 3 years is an eternity to someone hoping to sell their home for a reasonable number, so what is 13 years? [Atlanta Real Estate Forum]