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Why Is This Collier Hills Value Listing Hiding Its Pool?

An opportunity to own a single family home in a Buckhead 'hood like Collier Hills for less than $300,000 that isn't a tear-down is pretty rare. Especially when their broker babble makes note of, "French doors opening to back yard with swimming pool." Overall, this house is a surprisingly tight little package. The 2 bed, 2 bath place has a reasonable 1,400 square feet. And while the kitchen lags the times a bit, the living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms all look comfortable and attractive. With a list price of $299,000 frankly we wouldn't expect much more, given the house's other big positive: proximity to some of Collier Hill's wonderfully-leafy parks (including BeltLine-connected Tanyard Creek). But there that phrase sits, promising one's own summer escape, conjuring an image of a bright blue square contrasting against the multi-hued greens of the home's forest surroundings. Where's the picture? What are they hiding? Where are the bodies?

· 478 Overbrook Drive NW [Harry Norman]