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Midtown Pop-Ups Don't Seem To Be Settling Down

The pop-up retail phenomenon has been going strong nationally for a few years, and on the local level Midtown has especially been on- trend. Surprised? We didn't think so. The district’s superb demographics are no secret, but the economic climate is still such that entrepreneurs want to dip their toes before jumping in the pool, so to speak. Plus, the pervasiveness of social media means that getting the word out isn't a herculean task. What's interesting is just how diverse the Midtown pop-up experience has become.

Just to recap, the Midtown Pop-Up Fridays were a smashing success last year, and provided a peek at the Midtown Mile’s true retail potential. Recently, Outwrite Bookstore utilized the pop-up method for liquidating its left over inventory after the closure of its iconic 10th and Piedmont storefront. Italian furniture manufacturer Moroso installed a here today, gone tomorrow showing of its fatally chic traveling exhibit in Peachtree Pointe last week. And just a few days ago, Curbed Eater reported that a Pop-Up Chef Series will be infusing the 999 Peachtree building with savory pleasures. Heck, the term has become so ubiquitous that it’s been extended to urban design, with the “pop-up” pocket park that’s taking shape on West Peachtree Street at 18th Street. Unless the greenspace magically disappears next month, it's probably not the most accurate usage of the term, but we'll let it slide this time. The best thing about pop-ups is that they can lead to fully committed businesses, the most impressive example so far being clothier Billy Reid whose experience with his temporary store a couple of years ago convinced him to finally enter the Atlanta market. Now if we could just get Apple to put in a Midtown pop-up...pretty please?