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Piedmont Avenue Mystery Building Going Rental

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No, this isn't a belated April Fools' Day joke. There is actual progress being made at the previously examined mystery building at 1037 Piedmont Avenue on the park. The obnoxious fluorescent lettering says it all! A little Curbed sleuthing through the city's open records revealed that the owner ("Piedmont Park West") has the green light to finish out thirty apartments in the building, which also contains 3,217 square feet of retail space along Piedmont. Total cost of construction: $550,000. There was some mention of possible sewer-related issues in the comments section of our previous post, but the relatively modest budget leads us to believe they aren't having to address such a stinky nightmare. With demand for rentals high and a dearth of new product so close to the park, these units are certain to fill up quickly. Let's see, we've got this project, and the two new apartment buildings going up west of Peachtree Street; it's safe to say 12th Street is on fire! (Yes, 12th Street runs to one side of this building due to a quirky kink in the street grid. Google Maps doesn't lie.).