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The Buckhead Atlanta Site is Waking From Its Slumber

A PR release from developer Oliver McMillan has declared that the long-awaited resumption of construction on the former Streets of Buckhead site (as promised last fall), is under way. Actually, they're calling it "pre-construction," but it represents progress nonetheless. Among the tasks to be completed before they actually begin going vertical on the site: "removing columns and increasing the depth of transfer beams to adapt the structures already in place." The next few weeks should also see progress on a project that will provide some short-term gratification for aesthetes: Georgia Power is going to begin burying above-ground power lines along Buckhead Avenue. And for those curious about the state of all of that rusty rebar that's been sticking out of the ground and cement on the site: rest assured, it remains structurally sound. As it turns out, the rust is helping protect the rebar from deterioration and will be left in place for now, to be cleaned when vertical construction resumes. If you notice activity in the old HiFi Buys store, don't enter seeking to buy a new car stereo: the building is being turned into the construction offices for Oliver McMillan and general contractor Balfour Beatty.

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA