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Readying For the Good Fight Against Walmart in Decatur

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The unavoidable decimation of smaller, independently-owned businesses by Walmart is now an established American tradition, but its predictability has not quelled animosity towards the megalithic retailer (or coverage of it in the press). Less publicized are the stories of those small businesses who choose to adapt, stay and fight when Walmart invades their turf. The Saporta Report has an excellent piece that profiles Decatur's Intown Ace Hardware and the strategies its owners are implementing as they prepare for Walmart's arrival at Selig Enterprises' Suburban Plaza in Decatur. As evidenced by the perseverance of Bates Ace Hardware, located in the shadow of the Walmart Supercenter on Howell Mill, it is possible to coexist with Walmart. It just takes agility and a close monitoring of one's customer base. Something tells us the Decatur community is going to come together help protect boutique businesses like these.

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