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Do You Know the Story of Architect Robert M. Green?

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[Photos via the listing. Blueprints and drawings by Robert M. Green via modusmodern.]

Though likely well-known by architects and fans, the story of the late Robert Miller Green, one of the great Frank Lloyd Wright's last apprentices (and a Georgia native), is enjoying a revival as one of his most notable Atlanta works hits the market. The Arrowhead House (named for the shape of the floor plan as it appeared in drawings) was only one of many residential and commercial buildings designed by Green in his adopted hometown of Atlanta (appropriately, he originally hailed from the architecture mecca of Savannah) after studying with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West in the final year of "The Master's" life. His education in architecture began with a degree from Georgia Tech, but the chance to study the principles of organic design directly under Wright would prove the bigger influence in his career designing both structures and furniture. The Arrowhead House- built in the North Druid Hills area in 1964 for the Atlanta developer Robert Witcher- is a prime example of the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright as perpetuated by the Taliesin Fellows. A big thanks to N.B. for the tip.

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