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Petite 4BR in Ashford Park Is Ready to Live In Now, Has Additional Potential

The week ends with a trip to Ashford Park, the approachable Brookhaven neighbor popular with young professionals and families. This listing is a perfect example of the draw. Though rather small at 1766 square feet, the design of the floorplan and 4 bedrooms / 2.5 baths will efficiently accommodate a family of four. And the large, grassy lot is ideal for kids. Though it would be a stretch to call the house luxury, it has all of the updated features a family requires for comfortable living, including an open kitchen and large ensuite master. The place is priced at $465,000, likely in recognition of the square footage (4 beds in a close-in 'hood would usually start in the mid-$500's, minimum). Assuming the seller is willing to negotiate, a savvy buyer could easily get into this place and add some square footage via an addition for an attractively low number.

· 2862 Redding Road NE [Keller Williams]