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As the T-SPLOST Campaign Hits Stride, Cobb Politicians Remain Dependable Foe

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The T-SPLOST referendum coming in July and the project list the one-cent tax would fund have their fair share of opponents, but no one Atlanta county would seem as opposed as Cobb. Which is kind of ironic, given that the Cumberland CID (located in Cobb County) and the Atlanta Regional Roundtable share a Chairman in Tad Leithead, who leads efforts to get T-SPLOST passed (and is himself a Cobb County resident). Moreover, several Cobb County business leaders are integrally involved in MAVEN and other bodies leading voter education and communication efforts for the ballot referendum. After originally supporting the ARR's final project list, a chorus of Cobb officials have changed their tune over the past several months, due in part to Governor Deal's change in heart about the toll lane project on I-75/I-575. But a larger effort by the Tea Party to torpedo transit projects by sucking them into the culture wars also seems to be at play. The battle over T-SPLOST in metro Atlanta pits Cobb politicians like State Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) up against a wide variety of civic and business leaders urging the public to support the bill. Given that big name supporters are citing passage of T-SPLOST as vital to the future economic health of Atlanta and Georgia on the whole, the continued resistance from the "party of business" can be difficult to understand.

· Cobb Rep. Ehrhart criticizes Cumberland CID for putting up $70K more for TIA ‘education’ [MDJ]