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The BeltLine As Catch-All for Atlanta's Smart Growth Efforts

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There's been no shortage of Atlanta BeltLine coverage in these pages, and rightly so, given that the project represents among the most important projects the city has ever undertaken. Transit and transportation infrastructure issues also enjoy frequent mention here (like, for instance, the Atlanta Streetcar), and the BeltLine is often involved in these as well. While we attempt to break individual aspects of the BeltLine project into digestible bits and delineate between the province of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and transportation-specific agencies like MARTA and the Atlanta Regional Roundtable, one could be forgiven for seeing it all as one giant, amorphous thing. Turns out that might partially be the point. David Pendered's interesting piece on The Saporta Report explains how BeltLine and transportation officials are deliberately 'branding' related transit projects with the patina of the BeltLine to exploit synergies between the two. The article reminded us of another excellent piece on the BeltLine from last summer that appeared in Grist, where the author tackles the size and complexity of the actual BeltLine project and its many corollaries. Read together, the pieces foster a greater understanding of not just the physical projects themselves, but the sizable task in communication strategy and branding that come along with them.

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