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Georgia Now Among States With An Entire Town for Sale

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The occasional news story of an entire city being put up for sale usually passes us by, but when such a story involved a Georgia town 35 miles east of Macon, we became intrigued. Once a kaolin and railroad boomtown, Toomsboro (pop. 700) was slated by a developer/preservationist team to become a tourist attraction. For semi-obvious reasons (the recession, the fact that the town is in the middle of nowhere and has no real claim to fame other than having a lot of kaolin in and around it) these plans never came to fruition. Now the gentlemen that own the town's properties (reported to consist of a convenience store, a post office, a custom cabinet shop and a florist in addition to the Swampland Opera) are marketing Toomsboro as a movie set. No word if the residents are included as extras.

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