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It's Springtime on the Internets, So Curbed Wants to Make It Easy on You. We're Also Grubbing For Tips

Spring has sprung and the beautiful weather has us feeling particularly grateful for our readers. For those of you that find actually visiting the website to be cumbersome, may we remind you that you can get all the best of Curbed Atlanta in a few other ways:

* subscribe to our twice-weekly Newsletter- simply direct your eyes up and to the right on your screen and enter your e-mail address in the box. We'll send you highlights right to your Inbox.

* "Like" us on Facebook and our top stories will magically appear in your News Feed.

* Follow us on Twitter @curbedatlanta, where we link to every Curbed Atlanta story

We're also ALWAYS looking for reader tips. Got a crazy (nice/awful) house on your block hitting the market? Hear some gossip on a new real estate development? Have an architect friend unveiling his or her magnum opus? Send it to the tipline.