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Downtown Gets Prettier for Tourists & Conventioneers

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Not to be outdone by all of the BeltLine-related sprucing currently taking place all over town, Central Atlanta Progress / Atlanta Downtown Improvement District are pouring another $10 million into de-grittyifying downtown for the benefit of tourists and conventioneers. While some will decry the loss of the city's soul, there has been somewhat of a disconnect between the theme-park that is the Centennial Olympic Park and nearby attractions like the Aquarium and some of the surrounding area. Responding in part to surveys in which meeting planners called the area "dirty," civic groups like CAP and businesses with a stake in downtown like Cousins Properties have been taking the lead as the City of Atlanta struggles with larger issues and being essentially broke. Interesting statistic about the tourist and convention business in Atlanta: it's worth $11 billion. Which answers our long-standing question of how the Hard Rock Cafe stays in business.

· Downtown Atlanta getting $10 million spruce-up [AJC]

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