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Bill Harrison is a Noted Architect, But He Just Wanted to Dance

[A collection of images of Harrison Design Associates work. Photos courtesy of HDA.]

Though his company has offices around the country (and indeed, via a new partnership in Shanghai, the world), Atlanta and the State of Georgia can claim Bill Harrison as a local- he grew up in Macon, enrolled in the architecture program at Georgia Tech at 16 and lives and has designed many buildings in the Atlanta area. One thing we find most interesting and impressive is Harrison and his firm's fluency in a wide variety of styles. While the eclectic range featured in the gallery above (and found in greater quantity on Harrison Design Associates website) speaks to both client taste and geography, it also reflects HDA's ability to maintain a consistent level of quality and harmony with environment in its designs. Art Sandy Springs recently honored Bill Harrison and Dan Whisenhunt sat down with the man to discuss, among other things, dance and his thoughts on the effort to create Sandy Springs' City Hall. A worthy read for fans of architecture or some of the big, beautiful houses Harrison has designed around town.

· Art Sandy Springs honors local architect [Reporter Newspapers]