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Some Mysteries in a Classy, Southern Woodworker's Showcase

Friday takes us to the tidy Lake Claire neighborhood, nestled among other lovely intown 'nabes like Candler Park, Druid Hills, Kirkwood and Decatur. We were first drawn to this house by the carpentry...indeed, coffered ceilings, crown molding and other period woodwork appear in prodigious quantities. We were also struck by the traditional comfort and classic Southern decor (love the chef's kitchen, too). What we're having a harder time getting our heads around is the data supplied in the listing. According to Zillow, there are 5 bedrooms and 4 baths in just 2,014 square feet. Based on the photos, this seemed impossible, as fitting 5 beds and 4 baths into 2k square feet would leave very little space for living areas. And the living spaces here are clearly quite generous. The price is a less-easily-debunked mystery. The babble cites a $75,000 figure on improvements and upgrades made by the current owners, who paid $695,000 in 2007. Given those figures and the punishment meted out to the market over the past 5 years, the $725,000 list price seems entirely reasonable (it is a really nice 5/4 on a good street in Lake Claire). The Zillow estimate is of course wildly low, but you knew to expect that. As the spring selling season nears its traditional zenith, we're very curious to see where values on homes like these settle; macro housing data has been near useless in getting a real feel for Atlanta's intown markets.

· 292 Sutherland Place NE [Zillow]