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Curbed Atlanta Seeks Good Writers That Like Curbed Atlanta to Write for Curbed Atlanta

Curbed Atlanta has been around for 8 months now, so you should have some idea of the site is all about. If you find our topicality interesting and have a knack for stringing sentences together in engaging, interesting ways to convey information (aka writing skills), we'd love for you to join the ranks of Curbed's Contributing Writers. You could get rich (though it's almost certain that you won't, through Curbed, anyway), or famous (this depends entirely on your definition of fame). But you will definitely get to bring stories of real estate, neighborhoods, architecture, public art, urbanism, transportation and how all of things affect Atlanta to the masses. And build your portfolio in the process. Interested? Shoot an e-mail to with a bit of background and a couple of writing samples pasted into the body (please no attachments).