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Walmart Reaps What It Sows, A Million Tiny Violins Play

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A massive bribery scandal will affect the way you do business...just ask Walmart. As new details of Walmart's generosity with permit-wielding Mexican officials (and the subsequent cover-up at HQ in Arkansas) emerge, U.S. cities the retail megalith has targeted for its urban expansion are taking a look at how the company has sought approvals in their jurisdictions. This article will certainly serve as catnip for Walmart haters, but by far the most astounding piece of information contained therein is that Walmart's Mexican subsidiary opened 431 new stores in Mexico last year. (!) Yes that's four hundred thirty-one, or 1 per day, plus a couple of extra per week, give or take. No word yet on Athens or Decatur officials getting into the investigative act as Walmart prepares for fresh incursions into their neighborhoods, but you can bet they'll get some calls.

· Wal-Mart’s U.S. Expansion Plans Complicated by Bribery Scandal [NYT]