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Predominance of Paved Wastelands in Buckhead Not Lost on Would-be Park Makers

As we've reported previously, Livable Buckhead has big plans for adding green space to one of Atlanta's toniest 'nabes via the Buckhead Collection initiative. As L.B. execs and staffers get out into the community to drum up support, they're speaking with refreshing candor about the shortcomings of an area that, given its housing prices and space, should be a lot more, uh, livable. At risk of daring to characterize Buckhead as anything other than the finest community in the world (nicer than Beverly Hills, but without Hollyweirdos and with Real Housewives!), spokespeople are ceding realities like the tragedy of having a mall parking lot serve as Buckhead's primary gathering place. It's going to be a long, slow process. But there are some powerful folks taking this on, so it'll get done.

· Livable Buckhead director talks sustainability, green space [Reporter Newspapers]