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Would You Bite On An "As Is" House On 2 Acres Near the River in Sandy Springs / N Buckhead?

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For those not acquainted with it, Riverview Road is a lovely street that traverses the forested crown of a large bluff leading down to the Chattahoochee in Sandy Springs / North Buckhead. Indeed, there are two trails leading into the Chatthoochee River National Recreation Area off Riverview, and several others within a five minute drive. So the prospect of a house on over 2 acres there for under $600k was compelling, especially since most listings there tend to be in the million dollar range (if not several million). The sellers are unabashed in describing the house as a renovation opportunity, though the structure and its 3 bedrooms and 2 baths do seem to have been updated in some of the key areas. And the pool looks pretty great. The "as is" copy in the broker babble implies some serious issues, though. So the million dollar question: at $589,900, are the prospects promising enough?

· 5140 Riverview Road NW [Estately]