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4/2.5 House in the Heart of Virginia Highland Is Pretty Cheap, For Somewhat Obvious Reasons

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A four bedroom house in the Highlands in the (high) $500's certainly got our attention, now we're trying to get at exactly why it's so (relatively) cheap. It does look like some portion of the home's 2400 square feet of living space was added via a series of horizontal additions on the back of the house, and the pictures don't necessarily show that it flows. And the pale blue siding and blah ranch design of those additions are't going to win any architectural awards. But the interiors shown are spacious, roomy and done with a clean, timeless design. And while the kitchen cabinetry is a tad outdated, that space is huge and great for entertaining. That the "beautiful master suite" pimped in the broker babble is not really shown hints at the reason for the list price of $595,000. If someone has been in this place, fill in the blanks in the Comments section.

· 890 Drewry Street NE [Zillow]