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Sandy Springs to Tame Chaos of Roswell Road

The City of Sandy Springs is a study in contrasts- the location of some of Atlanta's largest and (sometimes) most beautiful homes and access point for the National Recreation Area surrounding the Chattahoochee River, and in the Roswell Road corridor, one of Atlanta's busiest, hardest-working and poorly-planned commercial zones. The city has hired a noted Boston firm (already known locally for its work in another busy, poorly-planned Atlanta 'nabe- Emory- are you seeing a pattern here?) to study the Roswell Road Corridor and find the smartest way to convert it into a shangri-la of the walk-able and the bike-able without completely exacerbating the already awful car traffic. Nearly 40 years without a unified plan and various flotsam from the real estate crash has created a formidable task, but if there's anyone that can steer Sandy Springs to glory its Mayor/Strongwoman Eva Galambos. [Saporta Report]