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Tea Party Freak-Out Fodder Abundant Today, Courtesy of the T-SPLOST Campaign

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The battle over the T-SPLOST referendum is now raging at full-tilt, with dueling communications campaigns in the medias, overblown rhetoric on both sides and savage trench warfare being waged on internet Comments sections everywhere. Catching our attention this morning amid the scrum were a couple of stories sure to make the "No" side's (i.e. the Tea Party's) collective head explode. First was Georgia Public Broadcastings's noting of Governor Deal's appearance at a reception in Savannah raising funds for the communications campaign in support of the penny tax. We're not sure which part of this more accurately foretells the End Times: a Republican governor actually supporting a tax, or said governor helping raise funds to purchase media airtime to promote that tax. Meanwhile over in Cobb County, it seems county Chairman Tim Lee has found himself in a bit of hot water because of some blunt, realistic in-artfully chosen words he used to describe opponents of the T-SPLOST measure, whose volume and vitriol refuse to be tamped-down by facts or the idea of compromise imbued into the project list (to wit: the Sierra Club is against it, too). Stay tuned, this is only bound to get more entertaining as the July 31 vote draws near.

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