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Smackdown! Congress for the New Urbanism 2012, An Epilogue

Last week these in (web) pages a feature appeared discussing the 20th anniversary of the Congress for the New Urbanism. For civilians not in the businesses of architecture, planning or real estate, hopefully it served as a primer; for those in the biz it may have merely been a reminder that they forgot to register for the conference. In any case, as accounts of what transpired at the proceedings in West Palm Beach begin to appear, one piece stands out and seemed worth sharing. It seems two of the men most responsible for the entire New Urbanism movement got into a rather public spat in dueling lectures to the attendees over SmartCode (pictured), which you can learn about here. Whether you enjoy mulling the deep intellectual underpinnings of place-making and urbanism or just enjoy playing spectator to conflict, NAC's account is worth a read.
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