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It's a Crazy Ride: Bidding Wars Are Back

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It's easy to associate the specter of bidding wars with everything that was wrong about the housing market leading up to the crash. So the news that they've returned could be viewed as negative. But bidding wars are just among the more distilled manifestations of supply and demand, one of the very cornerstones of the free market. And as evidenced by headlines and data analysis, as pronounced as the sag in housing is, it's not powerful enough to obviate basic economics. In discussing the return of the bidding war to the Atlanta market in the context of national trending as reported in the Wall Street Journal, A is for Atlanta gets it pitch perfect. But perhaps even more salient are the points they make about viewing the health of the entire Atlanta housing market against the backdrop of macro data like the Case-Shiller Index. The piece should resonate with fans of analogy in particular...a Mario Batali reference in an article about real estate? Genius. [A is for Atlanta]