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A Custom Frank Lloyd Wright Tribute in Candler Park

Speculating on whether The Master would approve of this house inspired by his work is a fool's errand, but the principles of organic architecture deployed here make for a domicile that looks quite comfortable to live in. And while it's not quite Fallingwater, the design makes excellent use of the lot and invites abundant natural light into the home (seems to in the photos, anyway). The efficient floor plan fits 5 bedrooms and 4 baths in just over 3100 square feet and still maintains generously proportioned living spaces. Lovers of wood will be delighted by the ample quantities and varieties of grain used on the interiors and exteriors. And fans of bathrooms have quite the specimen to covet in the master suite. The asking price of $839,000 seems just about right for the location and times. And bonus: we assume the mention of a, "[p]ool membership (that) may be transferred" refers to being able to jump right into the Lake Claire Pool, thereby avoiding its formidable waiting list. Score!

· 445 Harold Avenue NE [Harry Norman]