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A Grand Ol' Midtown Construction Boom Update

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Real estate crash be damned: all of the construction taking place in Midtown is pretty exciting to behold right now. With three major projects underway (a hotel, and the SkyHouse and 77 12th Street apartments), and a fourth one in the pipeline (100 6th Street apartments), we thought it was time to take stock of where they all stand, literally. First, the dual-branded Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites is coming along swimmingly at the busy corner of Williams and 10th Streets. It's topped out at 12 stories, with ground for the hotel having been broken in August of last year. Although it looks coherent now, various architectural flourishes should ensure that passerby understand the split lodging situation, but maybe they'll be just as confused as the rest of us. Completion is set for early next year.

A couple of blocks north of the hotels, two rising apartment towers seem to be engaged in a heated staring contest. Novare's SkyHouse is definitely winning as it's already to the point of being glazed. We're only counting 15 of the final 23 stories as having been built, so there's still a little way to go vertically. Work has yet to begun on the contentious parking deck that'll front Spring Street. According to the website, Novare expects to deliver the project in December 2012.

Bringing up the rear is Phase III of the 12th and Midtown development, known as 77 12th Street and headed up by Daniel Corp. and Selig Enterprises. Right now much of the building site resembles Sol LeWitt's "54 Columns." Horizontal structure is now underway so it shouldn't be long before floors start being stacked. Once complete, it'll stand one story less than SkyHouse - not that anyone's counting.