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It's Still Not Legal to Rent Out Houses You Do Not Own

We thought we covered this back in September of last year, but apparently not. Because yet another brilliant business mind has been foiled by 'the man' in his quest to become a single family real estate magnate. His angle makes a lot of sense: create cash flow from real estate assets without the cost and hassle of actually buying those real estate assets. Indeed, new locks are a lot cheaper than buying the entire house! But our overreaching state and federal governments (thanks, President Obama) still frown on folks helping themselves to foreclosed homes and then renting them out to people. To his credit, it looks like the gentleman in Smyrna had a substantially bigger criminal enterprise going than the lady we spoke of last fall. Naturally, given the larger stakes, he represented himself in court. It's just a shame people like this have to besmirch an industry with an otherwise pristine reputation and track record.

· Smyrna Man Found Guilty of Stealing Houses [Smyrna-Vinings Patch]