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The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival; Richard Blais Spills on The Spence; An Early Look at The Pinewood Tippling Room

MIDTOWN— The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival was last weekend, and Eater ATL has a recap of what went down. Click through to find out which local chef "loves and hates" our sister site and more.

DECATUR— The Pinewood Tippling Room opened this week to early rave reviews surrounding its funnel cakes, fried bologna sandwiches, and specialty cocktails. Scope out an early look at the place here.

MORE MIDTOWN— Celeb chef and HD1/Flip owner Richard Blais's new restaurant The Spence opens on May 26. In the interview he gave over at Eater, he says that this new eatery will showcase Richard Blais, the chef, instead of the restauranteur as was the case with his fast-casual, themed joints.

CITYWIDE— Urbanspoon put out a list of the most popular high-end restaurants in the United States and ten Atlanta spots made the cut. See which eateries you'll have an even harder time getting a weekend reservation at and let us know if you agree with the rankings.

CITYWIDE— Hungry readers who can't get resos at the restaurants above should check out one of the seven Atlanta restaurants on this list, Opinionated About Dining's Top Artisanal Cheap Eats in the Country.