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A Condo at Colony Square That Makes Modernism Easy to Love

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Feeling completely inspired by the “Atlanta Embraces Modernism” panel discussion held at the High Museum recently, we felt it necessary to showcase a buying opportunity at one of Atlanta’s modernist landmarks. Of course we’re talking about Colony Square, the Southeast’s first large scale mixed-use development and the anchor of what many consider the current “Main and Main” of Atlanta, 14th Street at Peachtree. While the layout of the development isn’t perfect by today’s enlightened standards (it has an enclosed mall component, as well as buildings that don’t meet the street), the aesthetic of its condo buildings is enough to make a 20th century design geek go gaga. Unité d’Habitation by Le Corbusier, anyone?

This 2/2 unit exemplifies what fans of modern and contemporary design crave. Bright open spaces, crisp architectural details, and tasteful editing that only leaves room for the best. Sorry, are we gushing? Kudos to whoever chose the cork flooring - it’s easy on the feet and a nice “warm modern” detail. Also, a mirrored wall will always be small room’s ultimate savior, even if it might be the bane of buyers who don’t examine the listing photos close enough before doing a walk-through: “Oh, it’s a little smaller than we imagined.” The decor is spot on, although the Madame Alexander doll on the smaller bedroom’s nightstand sticks out like a whore in church; it has a kitsch factor you can’t help but appreciate. $275,000 is near the middle-upper range of current pricing at Colony Square, but we’d say it’s about right for a move-in ready, design pedigreed pad of this size in one of Atlanta’s most coveted corners.

· 145 15th Street #804, Atlanta, GA 30309 [Dorsey Alston Realtors]

Colony Square

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