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A Chastain Park Rental for Families (Ability to Send the Kids to Warren T. Jackson Included)

Back in the day, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath rentals in tony Buckhead neighborhoods were generally the province of itinerant corporate executives and their families (and other folks unable- or smart enough not- to make the commitment to buying a house for various reasons). But after the calamity of the past few years, the prospect of renting has begun to appeal to people who would otherwise own a home like this. And folks with school age kids could do a lot worse than this school district- Warren T. Jackson- one of the shiniest jewels in the Atlanta Public Schools crown. While the house itself isn't necessarily tricked-out to the level of a new proto-Chastain-McMansion, it seems nice enough. And though the lack of photos has us wondering, the fact that it sits on a lot described as between 1/2 and 3/4 acre would seem to indicate some kind of a yard for the children to frolic. With the Atlanta single family rental market as tight as it is these days, the $3100 monthly rent seems eminently reasonable.

· 4600 Runnemede Road NW [Atlanta Fine Homes]