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*Live* at the New International Terminal Test Run: Dispatch 4

The Arrivals hall is full of volunteers filling out surveys and eating boxed lunches from Jason's Deli. After Customs, one can either turn right -- to Ground Transportation and additional baggage claim outlets -- or left to connect up with the rest of the airport. An attendent informed me that, after clearing a security checkpoint, passengers with connecting flights have to take two additional escalators down to meet up with the larger airport's extended plane train. It all sounds not exactly convenient, but at least Concourse F's customs system doesn't require everyone to collect, and recheck, and recollect luggage like at Concourse E. The two systems, my Customs/Border Patrol agent told me, will remain separate and function independently for now. -Sarah Beth McKay

Maynard H. Jackson Jr Blvd Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Atlanta, GA 30354