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Wary of Craft Beer-Swilling Hobos, Sandy Springs Shoots Down Growler Proposal

If you're not a craft beer fan, all of this talk of "growlers" in the news may be a bit mystifying; allow us to briefly enlighten you. The practice of selling small-batch draft beer in glass jugs (like the one pictured) is gaining popularity, and has already been approved in places like the City of Atlanta, Dunwoody and Avondale Estates. The idea was proffered for Sandy Springs to get into the game, but the first proposal to amend local laws met a quick end in the Sandy Springs City Council. Why? Reading between the lines of some Council Members' comments: fear of a landscape littered with "package stores" and loitering drifters drinking hooch out of paper bags. We generally avoid trafficking in stereotypes, but only in Sandy Springs are there bums look to spend $7-25 on a single vessel of beer.

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