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*Live* at the New International Terminal Test Run: Dispatch 1

Getting There

The access to the terminal from I-75, though not well marked at present, is easy (just two exits below the 75/85 split) yet seems a likely bottleneck when the terminal actually opens. The departures hall is, as anticipated, well-lit and quite grand-- the Lufthansa employee that checked my two bags informed me that I would be headed to Germany this morning, and that my flight would be relatively empty (there are apparently only so many retirees, housewives, bloggers and former TSA employees with such flexible travel plans).

TSA Employees: Happy

I've never seen so many happy TSA employees in my life. They're mostly standing in clumps, talking to Hartsfield and airline employees with suits and walkie-talkies -- but they are all extremely excited to see us volunteer passengers, and quick to thank us for "helping out."

Fake Journeys, Fake People?

They just paged Margaret Dingledie to return to the TGates to retrieve some personal belongings. Is it naive to hope that Ms. Dingledie actually exists?

-Sarah Beth McKay

Maynard H. Jackson Jr Blvd Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Atlanta, GA 30354