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Join Us, As We Help Hartsfield Stretch Its Wings

The full-scale simulation of the new international terminal down at Hartsfield is finally upon us. While you make your way to the office on this sunny Wednesday morning, we will happily be joining at least several hundred volunteer "passengers" in attempts to "test and refine the facility, staff and procedures before [the terminal] officially opens on May 16th."

Our bags are packed (with towels) and our "script" is printed — we've been assigned to "Lufthansa Flight 8," and asked to locate a family bathroom, the chapel, and the police station. Our expectations are, admittedly, high: free food, free WiFi, a "small commemorative gift," and a chance to be among the first to see, in action, Atlanta's shiny new $1.4 billion gateway to the globe.

Check back for updates on the simulation's progress, and a look at the terminal itself, throughout the day!

-Sarah Beth McKay