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A Tight Little 3/2 on the Westside, With Definite Upside Potential

Though it lies just a short hop over the Chattahoochee River from some of the grand homes on streets with names like West Wesley and Peachtree Battle, no one is going to mistake the Riverside neighborhood for Buckhead. But then again, when was the last time you saw a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house of 1700+ square feet built less than 10 years ago in Buckhead for less than $200k? Maybe the early 1980's? In any case, at this point, the Westside has surpassed Buckhead in vital categories like restaurants and cutting edge arts spaces. And when critical mass is achieved on the BeltLine's western flank and the Bellwood Quarry is transformed into Atlanta's favorite new park, we'd bet neighborhoods like Riverside are going to be significantly more expensive to get into. $199,000 is the ask.

· 2391 Paul Avenue [Keller Williams]