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In Which We Provide Various & Sundry Updates on the BeltLine

The Eastside Trail rapidly approaches completion (as evidenced by the photo above), a new splash pad has made its grand debut and the overall vision for project becomes more discernible via interim hiking trails all around town- yes, avert your gaze for even a week or two and The BeltLine's progress will catch you by surprise. And though the folks at Atlanta BeltLine Inc. have been pretty savvy about communication all along, they just launched a new version of their website that is both more user-friendly and chock full of information. For those still cloudy on what the whole thing is all about, the "5W's" (what, where, when, etc.) are covered and then some, and map junkies can get an eternal fix in their own devoted section. As the vote on T-SPLOST gets closer and closer, The BeltLine is weighing in and providing education sessions all about town. Speaking for ourselves, we're just waiting for the newest Art on the BeltLine.