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When Is the Corporate Naming Spree Coming to ATL?

Cash-strapped governments of every size and strain are having to get creative with their finances in order to keep basic services like schools, parks and libraries open. On the heels of New York City launching a bike sharing service that is quite thoroughly branded by Citibank, one man writes in the New York Post that the floodgates for corporate branding of, well, everything should be opened up. Sure, the man is an attorney whose practice specializes in corporate sponsorship deals. But he has a point. To be sure, at present Atlanta remains substantially less "ad-polluted" than Manhattan. But if the choice comes down to, say, another MARTA service cut or festooning the Five Points Station with TBS logos and re-naming it in honor of The Big Bang Theory re-runs, we'd probably opt for the ads. Let's just leave the trees alone. Image via laist. [New York Post]